42 Essential Google Business Tools for Ecommerce Business

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There are so many incredible Google business tools out there. It can be hard to know which ones make sense to use if you work for a small business. There is a lot of content out there, so many times I do a quick search and try the tool at the top of the list, with varying results.

Small businesses are demanding. The work doesn’t leave a lot of the time it takes to pore through the 200+ Google small business tools that could make your days more productive.

With that understanding, in this article we’re going we’ll walk through the hypothetical day of a small business owner. While we do it, we’ll show you how these 42 Google tools can help a business grow.

Maybe your morning starts as you sit down with your computer and a cup of coffee. You pore through Google news for the headlines specific to your business, and you have a few keywords that you check every day. You take a few more minutes to check Google for Startups then it’s time to check your email.

1. Google News

helps you find the latest news in your industry with targeted keywords.

2. Google for Startups

helps startups achieve with tools and community.

Your inbox is full of Google Alerts this morning. You scan the emails looking for articles that will yield some competitive insights. The G Suite Marketplace helped you create an automation to take care of the emails in your inbox that you won’t get to right away.

After you hit send on an urgent email, it’s on to Google Analytics. One of your product pages has way more hits than it usually does, so you head to Google Search Console to see where the boost might be coming from.

3. Google Alerts

let you monitor web mentions of keywords and phrases relevant to your industry and brand. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly email or RSS notifications.

4. G Suite marketplace

offers a range of apps that can help you integrate or automate different functions for your ecommerce business.

5. Google Tag Manager

is a simple system that uses JavaScript and HTML tags to track and deliver analytics for your website. For many users, it is easier to set up than the traditional Google Analytics set up.

6. Google Analytics

offers insights into your site visitors, website traffic, and other valuable data. GA insights can help you determine KPIs as your business scales.

6. Google Search Console

helps you to understand your organic search traffic. It can also help you troubleshoot the speed and performance of your website.

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